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Pin-pad reader bit formats supported with Security Expert Controller (SP-C)


What bit formats are accepted by the Security Expert Controller (SP-C) for communicating with third-party card reader with pin?

Product Line

Security Expert


  • Security Expert Server 4.2.x
  • Security Expert Controller (SP-C) 2.08.x


When using pin pad readers with the Security Expert Controller (SP-C) there are only a few supported bit formats. Only these current formats are support and tested with the product at this time. 


Security Expert currently supports the following formats:

  • 26 Bit (Site 0)
  • ARK-501
  • 4 Bit
  • 4 Bit Parity
  • 4 Bit Buf
  • 4 Bit Buf & Par
  • 36 Bit (IEI S0)
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