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Pipe widget in graphics are misaligned following an upgrade


Graphics screens that used piping widgets in releases prior to 3.5.34 look misaligned when upgraded to 3.5.34 or greater.


Niagara G3 software


All releases prior to 3.5.34 had an alignment issue with the pipe widgets. This was overcome by manually moving the pipe widgets until they lined up.  Release 3.5.34 is the release in which this alignment issue has been corrected.  Therefore the manual adjustments made during creation are no longer needed.    Graphics with piping brought forward by a software upgrade to 3.5.34 or greater will look misaligned due to the manual adjustments that were made when they were created.


Release 3.5.34 and 3.6 have correct pipe widget alignment so upgrading older piping graphics (created prior to 3.5.34) to this level will require manual alignment correction.

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