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Points are not responding to Plain English program control.


Miscellaneous points that are controlled via Plain English programs are not following the program's command.


Cyberstation, All Versions.

All BACnet type controllers with Plain English Code


Default BACnet Command Priorities must be modified based on the Continuum system configuration and integration with other 3rd Party BACnet devices.

Example: By default, Graphics have a Command Priority of "Manual Operator" (8) and Plain English has a default Command Priority of (10). If the system is left with these defaults, then an operator who modifies, adjusts or toggles a point value via a graphic will in turn set that value with a command priority of 8. Since PE has a command priority of 10, the operator command remain in effect until either it is relinquished or a similar or higher command priority is sent. In this example, an operator set a point that is controlled via Plain English was toggled (not overridden) from On to Off. The Program wanted it ON. The point will stay in the Off position until either the operator(s) relinquish the command or another command of the same command priority sends a value.


Open the BACnet preferences at the Workstation. Set all the Command priorities to 10.

This will allow Plain English programs, etc to retake control of point affected but changes made via graphics or other editing methods. If the points however are actually override, you must release the override and relinquish the command.

See BACnet Documentation:

BACnet For Continuum Users (loaded on all Cyberstations)

Continuum BACnet Engineering

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