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Polling data over IP from the System pane of a 700 project


Polling data from one Xenta Server to another can be accomplished over IP by importing XBuilder Projects. This will only bring over data points that reside in the Network Pane of the XBuilder Project.  If points are being calculated in a Menta object, for example, they would not be available following an import.


  • XBuilder
  • Xenta Server 701, 711, 721, 731
  • Fixing Write Over IP


Importing another projects network brings over only data points that reside in the Network Pane of the XBuilder Project. In order to avoid a write over IP situation, data from the System pane sometimes needs to be browsed into the other controller's project.


  1. Expand the Network pane beneath the Xenta 700 and find the Variables folder.
  2. Right click on the Variables folder and select New Variable (if desired, choose New Folder to organize the points that need to be sent over IP).
  3. Create a variable for each point that needs to be imported into the receiving Xenta Server.
  4. Drag and drop Variables onto the Menta object outputs to associate them

  5. Note: Only Menta object Outputs allow for this drag-and-drop functionality.  If they are public signals, then either:
    1. Add an RO, IO, BO point on the output of the signal
    2. Use a connection object in XBuilder to transfer the value to the Network Pane variable.
  6. In the receiving controller's XBuilder project, right-click on the IP Backbone and select New > Other Projects Network.  Now the Menta object variables are available.
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