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Ports used by TAC Vista System


A list of all the default ports used by a typical Vista system.


Vista 5

TCP/IP Ports


Below is a list of some components and protocols associated with Vista 5 and their default port assignments.


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TAC Vista 5 Component/Protocol Default Customizable Comment
 TAC Vista Server and Workstation      
 TCPPORT  45612  No  Vista Server to Vista Server
 DCOM  135 + dynamic  No  Remote Workstation
 LMGRD  27000-27009  Yes  License Server
 TACLIC  Dynamic  Yes  License Server.  Will find an available port
 TAC Vista Remote Workstation      
 DCOM  135 + dynamic  No  Remote Workstation
 LMGRD  27000-29000  Yes  License Server
 TACLIC  Dynamic  Yes  License Server.  Will find an available port.
 TAC Vista Webstation Client      
 HTTP  80  Yes  Web Browsing
 HTTPS  443  Yes  Web Browsing

 TAC Xenta 5/7/9xx

 DHCP Server  67  No  Dynamic IP address
 DHCP Client  68  No  Dynamic IP address
 DNS  53  No  Name resolution
 HTTP  80  Yes  Web Browsing
 HTTPS  443  Yes  Web Browsing, Log-in
 FTP  20/21  No  File transfer. FTP Server
 SMTP  25  No  E-Mail
 SNMP  161  No  Network management
 SNMP Traps  162  No  Network management
 LTA IP  1068  Yes  LonWorks Communication over IP.  LTA for TAC Vista
 Variable transfer IP Network  1233  No  Peer-to-peer communication between TAC Xenta Servers
 Variable transfer HTTP  80  Yes  Read/write values from Web Browser
UDP 9088, 9089 no Xenta Server to Xenta Server data point TX via UDP (>5.15)
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