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Print Tap Configuration


Print Tap Configuration


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The Printer Tap provides communication between controllers and a printer without the use of a host.


Use the following procedure to configure a Printer Tap.

  1. Select Edit Tap Printer from the main menu. The system displays the Printer Tap Configuration editor.
  2. Enter the Tap Name (up to 16 characters).
    Note: The Firmware Status part of the screen shows the current revision number and date the revision occurred. These fields are display only, you cannot edit them.
  3. Using the spindial, choose a Baud Rate.
  4. Choose a CTS Handshake from the pull-down list.
  5. Using the spindial choose the number of Data Bits.
  6. Using the spindial choose the number of Stop Bits.
  7. Choose a Parity from the drop-down list.
  8. Set the Group Masks as required.
  9. Select the OK button to save the settings and exit this procedure.
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