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Printer Use with Emergin Software


Printer Use with Emergin Software

Emergin Software worked fine until I/NET 2000 was upgraded to I/NET Seven. Now the printer starts to print the Events and Alarms vertically instead of horizontally.


  • Emergin Software
  • I/NET Seven upgraded from I/NET 2000


Upgrade process requires that the COM port be added back again following the upgrade.


  1. Remove the COM Port from the Device Manager
  2. Reboot the PC so that it rediscovers it or re-adds it back again
  3. Restart I/NET
  4. Generate an Alarm and verify that it works correctly.

If for some reason this does not work:

  • Verify that you have the latest Emergin Build that is compatible with I/NET Seven, then try it again. You would have to go to the Emergin Website to get this information at
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