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Printing a barcode on an access card


When printing access control cards, there is a need to print the a card number bar code on the card as well as photo's, names, text, logos etc.


Continuum Access Control systems, all versions.

All Security and Integrated Workstations (with SEC or INT in the part number).

Photo badging option (append -B to the part number).


As well as a photographs, text, numbers and graphics, barcodes may be added to the card design using the EPI Designer software.

To use card badging the system requires that the Continuum Security Key (Dongle) has the badging option enabled (-B in the part number), otherwise the "Create/ Edit Badge" option will not be available to select.


From the EPI Designer menu select the "Draw", "Bar Code" option and the following screen will be displayed allowing the barcode to be configured:

The configuration page above allows the type of barcode to be defined, the Personnel "Field Name" to be linked to the code as well as other barcode options shown.

Custom fields can also be used.

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