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Printing an Alarm View with hidden columns from Vista Workstation does not give expected results.


When columns are hidden in the Alarm View and the view is printed, the column headers are printed correctly but column data is printed as if no columns are hidden.  Therefore, column headers following a hidden column are printed with the wrong data beneath them.


Vista 5.1.3

Vista 5.1.4

Vista 5.1.5

Vista 5.1.6

Vista 5.1.7



The Alarm View in Vista Workstation can be customised to hide selected columns (right-click in Alarm View and select 'Customize...').  The Customization dialog shows a list of the nine available columns, all selected by default.  Columns can be hidden by deselecting their checkbox, and the display order can be changed by moving columns up or down the list.

On screen, this has the desired result.  However, when the customized Alarm View is printed (right-click in Alarm View and select 'Print'), the results are very different.

For example, the full alarm list contains these columns:-

State     Count     Priority     Last Change     Object ID     Text     Linked Object     Tripped     User

Now hide every column except:  State     Count     Priority     Object ID     Text

The on-screen results are as expected:

State             Count             Priority             Object ID           Text

StateData    CountData     PriorityData    ObjectIDdata    TextData


When the Alarm View is printed, this is the result:

State             Count             Priority             Object ID                  Text

StateData    CountData     PriorityData    LastChangedata    ObjectIDdata


The column headers are printed correctly, but the column data are printed as if the 'Last Change' column is not hidden., although the correct number of columns is printed.

Reordering the columns using the 'Move Up' and 'Move Down' buttons does not help.  The column data are always printed in the default column order.


Only hide columns at the end of the default column list.  Hidden columns in the middle of displayed columns will cause the printout to be incorrect.

This error has been around since Vista 5.1.3  up to the current version 5.1.7.  It may be fixed in a future version.

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