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ProView for LON configuration wizard installation and use with Niagara G3 and N4


Provide information required to support ProView for LON with Niagara G3 and N4


I/A Series G3 (3.5.34 or higher)
I/A Series Niagara N4 ( or higher)
ProView for LON (MNL-PROV-WAL)


Required files for configuring the ProView for LON display with G3 and N4.


Support for ProView for LON with I/A Series G3 and N4 requires the download and install of the Distech Controls EC-NET-AX Support Package and EC-Display Configuration files.  Those files are available for download from The Exchange Download Center.

Download the following files.

BCS Distech Controls EC-Display Configuration v3.4.369
Distech Controls EC-NET AX Support Pack v4.4.17198.1

  1. Unzip the files and run the executables to install the Distech Controls EC-NET-AX Support Package and Distech Controls EC-Display Configuration files. Follow the instructions to install the version(s) required.
  2. Install Distech distribution file into the ENC (if required) using the platform distribution installer. The distribution file will be located in Distech Controls Files directory added to G3 or N4 during the installation process.
  3. Open the distechControls palette (LonWorks - Services container) and add the LonWorksWizardService to the Services.
  4. Open the Drivers - ConfigurableControllers container and add the EcDis210 device object to the LonNetwork.
  5. Commission the ProView device using the LON Device Manager.
  6. Right click on the EcDis210 and select Views - Ec Dis Wizard to test the wizard connection and launch the display wizard.
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