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Problem with Override control of BACnet Output objects within StruxureWare Building Operation on IA Series Controllers


  • Problem with Override control of BACnet Binary Output (BO) on IA Series BACnet Unitary, VAV and Zone controllers with firmware version 1.420 or earlier. When a BO override is released the value will not reflect the correct null state and may appear to still be in the previous state.
  • After relinquishing the priority from the point, the actual Priority status shows up correctly as "Null". However, this is not reflected in the Building Operation Workstation "Watch" window.
    (Click on image below for larger view)


StruxureWare Building Operation 1.2

Automation Server / BACnet Interface with MNB 1000 with MNB 300, MNB-Vx or MNB-70.


When requesting the complete "Priority Array" for an output object, the values returned match their actual values, i.e. 0, 1 or "null". When requesting individual "priority array indexes" index numbers that are "null" will incorrectly return a 0 or a 1.


MNB series V1.424 firmware for the VAV, Unitary, and Zone controllers resolves this issue. When an individual "priority array index" is requested, the priority input value of 0, 1, or “null” is returned. The issue only applies to the MNB-V1, MNB-V2, MNB-70, and MNB-300. The MNB-1000 does not have the "Priority Array" problem.

The MNB series V1.424 firmware files are placed in the WorkPlace Tech firmware folder during installation of WorkPlace Tech 5.8.2.

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