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Problems communicating on your Laptop on a Direct Connect


Problems communicating on your Laptop on a Direct Connect


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Laptop Problems communicating using Direct Connect


Are you trying to connect directly to a system and you are unable to get any communications through the PC? Look at the flashing lights (Red/Green) on the I/O Server, does both of them flash simultaneously? Follow these steps to resolve this:

  1. Open I/O Sever, modify the active profile, select Direct as the Link Type and Com Port 1 as the Port or Device.
  2. Select the proper Baud Rate (9600 or 19200) for communications.
  3. Close I/O Server and I/NET.
  4. Go to My Computer, right click and select Properties .
  5. Hardware, Device Manager, Ports, select Com Port 1 and Uninstall it.
  6. Shut down and restart your PC so that the Com Port automatically is detected by the OS.
  7. Log in and then launch I/Net, those light should be flashing red/green now to indicate that you have proper communications.
  8. Go to Host Computer, Network Configuration and verify that you can see your link and that the CNF column is blank or has a + sign.
  9. Save this and penetrate the link to see all your controllers, save these, penetrate each controller to save all the sublan devices and then close this editor You should now have the ability to connect to each controller and see all the points and work accordingly.
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