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Problems installing Continuum


Problems installing Continuum

Continuum will not install correctly

SQL Express will not install correctly




Cyberstation fails to install or run correctly


Continuum Cyberstation can normally be installed very quickly (usually less than half an hour) on a normal windows installation that fits within the Software and Firmware compatibility matrix for older versions of I/NET, Vista, Andover Continuum, Sa..., this would include SQL for a stand alone (Single User) installation.
The Continuum Cyberstation uses many Windows components and services, and runs many executable files and batch files within its normal operation.
We do not have a published list of services that Continuum requires to run since requirements vary depending on the site configuration. We obviously use Active Directory and .NET, RPC, MSMQ, SMNP, and all DCE services.

SQL Server Management Studio Express is a free down from Microsoft and is an excellent tool for checking the SQL install
Up to v1.94sp1 SQL2005
v2.0 and beyond SQL2012

There are a few items that can interfere with the smooth installation or running of a Continuum Cyberstation

  1. Ensure the workstation PC is within the Software and Firmware compatibility matrix for older versions of I/NET, Vista, Andover Continuum, Sa... for the version being installed, especially Windows service packs and .NET framework versions.
  2. Ensure the minimum requirement for the workstation PC, is observed, as stated in the Cyberstation installation guide. Ensure the recommended requirement is observed, if the Cyberstation will be used for video or other more intense operations. 
  3. Local administrator accounts are required for some version of installation with passwords set. See How to create a local administrator log on in Windows.
  4. Automatic updates. See the individual installation guides, however, it is normally wise or even mandatory (depending on Continuum version) to leave them off, as updates include service packs and .NET framework updates that would take the installation off the Compatibility Matrix and could compromise the installation. There have also been other updates that have caused issues. See 5 below.
  5. MSXML6 Update
  6. Firewall & Anti virus issues. These should be disabled during installation.
  7. SQL2005 Express (1.82SA onwards) When creating the sa password ensure the password is tested in notepad before typing in Database Initialisation, as if the keyboard is not set up correctly, you may be using an illegal character (eg " rather than @, in this case you will need to uninstall SQL, before re-installing via Database Initialisation)
  8. Custom Windows Images - Some Windows Images installed on new PCs include modifications that interfere with the Cyberstation installation, always use a clean MS Windows if possible, as this avoid such issues.
  9. IT tampered Windows & domains. It is important to install Continuum with local Administrator rights as item 3, above, beware of PCs locked down by IT departments, the installation can be slow and difficult
  10. Error 1001, windows event log full.
  11. Problems with MSMQ (MicroSoft Message Queue) can cause install problems
  12. Trying to install CyberStation 1.9x.  It completes but then pops up 6 errors saying "Access denied"
  13. Microsoft Update issues see Windows updates and Continuum
  14. Continuum Version 1.93 Fails to install. IssueReceive AccDataservice errors on startup.
    Continuum Version 1.93 Fails to install
  15. For Windows 7 installs see Disabling administrator rights messages in Windows 7 OS and above (Also known as UAC / User Account ...
  16. If you see a Continuum install Error -  "Error, unable to open documentation list \misc\doclist.txt" then you are running the incorrect "setup.exe", you should install using the one in the Cyberstation root directory, not the one in the Continuum sub-directory.
  17. It has be found that Microsoft "Strong" passwords are required not only for the SQL sa password but also for Andover97 password, see Password requirements for Andover97 SQL Login for details
  18. For a v1.82 Stand Alone and beyond, if the install admin user has no password, it has been seen that the tasks (CS_Minute, CS_Distn and CS_hrly) are not always created, see Getting AccDataServices error with AlmUtil.dll error when closing Continuum
  19. If a Continuum re-install, on a LAN CyberStation is required (were some part or program has broken) then uninstall Continuum, then re-install. A workstation initialization may be required. Deleting the Continuum directory and clearing out Continuum from the registry may also be required (check for any local held graphics, .mnu files, etc. before deleting the Continuum directory)
  20. Seeing "Can not change directory to Continuum" see Cannot change directory to Continuum error during installation of Cyberstation
  21. Re-Installing Continuum is sometimes required, for example, an automatic update to the Antivirus software has been seen to stop listviews from working. The only way around this was to uninstall Continuum then re-install it. There are different levels to uninstalling possible, 1.Simple uninstall. 2. Uninstalled followed by removing the Continuum Directory and other .ini files. 3. Uninstalled followed by removing the Continuum Directory and other .ini files, followed by cleaning of the registry. 
  22. In a few more recent cases where Controllers will not come online (after testing for other errors) or where persistent MSMQ errors cannot be resolved, a complete re-install of the OS may be required to ensure a "clean" Windows OS is available.
  23. Uninstalling some Continuum required programs can cause issues, especially SQL. see Problem uninstalling software. The following method has been seen to work: Stop service, uninstall, delete folders, run CCleaner (or Revo) and clean registry, reboot, run CCleaner (or Revo) and clean registry, reboot, re-install SQL
  24. Shared Memory errors seen with 32b systems and v2.0SP1, see "Shared Memory" error on startup of Continuum
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