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Procedure for Splitting Existing Links to DLA architecture


Procedure for Splitting Existing Links to DLA architecture



Xenta 527



As cable degrade over time it is more economical to split a controller LAN into multiple DLA sites that to re-run the wire. This is especially true when dealing with broken underground wire.


This is a basic order of operations for how to split a single link. 

Please select Start > All Programs > I/NET > Manual-Technical Reference Guide and review section 1-11 before proceeding. 

  1. Determine a logical location for the split in the controller LAN
  2. Install the Xenta 527 or NPR and ensure that Ethernet communication if available. (DO NOT plug in the Ethernet cable yet)
  3. Back up the I/NET database
  4. Reconfigure the existing router to be a DLA device.  DO NOT use site 0
  5. Configure the new Router to be a DLA device using a different site address than the first router.  You can use the same station address if needed. Plug in the Ethernet cable
  6. At the I/NET workstation verify that each of the devices is online. You may need to restart the I/O server and verify Reference Hosts. 
  7. At the Workstation you should now have to connect to the Link, then to the controller.
  8. In I/NET configuration, click on Host Masks.  Modify the host mask settings for the existing router and note the settings.  Copy theses settings to the new DLA device(s).
  9. Back up the I/NET database
  10. Physically break the Controller LAN and connect one leg to the new Router. You may need to remove or disconnect any segment of wire that now leads to no where.
  11. At the I/NET workstation you should now be able to connect to each site and see controllers populated under it. If you cannot, a common reason is that you have 2 routers connected to the same controller LAN section and no router connected to the other section.
  12. Select Edit>Host Computer>Network Configuration
  13. Notice that the Split Link has been renamed to DLA Link #.  You can change this name in newer revisions of I/NET
  14. Select the link you have split and click Penetrate.
  15. You will see the sites displayed with " * " next to each. Each site will take the Host Name you gave it during configuration.
  16. Click Save All
  17. Penetrate into the highest numbered site. Click Save all and close.  Then work your through each site from highest to lowest number saving all of the controllers under it.
  18. Open a graphics page and test points that are under each of the sites.
  19. In an access system. You can test by adding or removing an individual from a door under each site.
  20. Backup the I/NET Database.


  • You can not have duplicate station addresses under the same link even if they are on different sites. The controllers are addressed LLSS (Link##Station##) no duplicate LLSS address can exist within an I/NET system.
  • The exception to the above is that all Xenta 527 can use the same station address as that address is not visible from the Host workstation. Each 527 must have a unique link and site address.
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