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Program BACnet B3xx controllers to monitor parent BCX1 Online status


How to get BACnet B3xx controllers to know whether its parent BCX1 is Online with it's MSTP network or not


  • BACnet B3xx
  • BCX1
  • MS/TP Network


There may need to be some action taken if communication is lost with the parent controller.


Use the BACnet attribute of System_Status of the BCX1 with BACnet full path in the B3xxx's PE program. Make sure that you need to delay the program with enough waiting time, otherwise, it could make the MSTP congested. For example:

Line Checking
If BACnetDevices\MyBCX4040 System_Status = Operational then
Goto Wait10Secs 

Line Wait10Secs
If TS > 10 then
Goto Checking

Line E
'Do something to process the BCX offline situation in the b3 controller.
Goto Wait10Secs

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