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Programming a 7798C controller with a Virtual HHC Console


Programming a 7798C controller with a Virtual HHC Console


  • 7789C
  • HHC Hand Held Console


The 7798C controller can only be programmed with the Emulated HHC Console (The TacHHC.exe is located in the support folder of the INET install CD) using CBL 082 connected to the PC and RS 232 port on the controller.


Before following these steps, make sure you have closed down I/NET, AMT and the InetIOServer applications.   

  1. Locate the HHC file on the I/Net CD, Support Folder and copy it to the Root of I/NET.
  2. Once copied, double click on the file to launch it, I/NET should not be running at this time.
  3. Connect the CBL 082 (Grey shroud connects to the PC) 
  4. The virtual HHC is displayed at this time.
  5. Right Click and Select the Com Port and Baud Rate.

To Set the Controller Type:

  1. On the HHC, select Code 90, Enter to set the Controller Type.

To Set the Controller Address

  1. Select "DCU Address"
  2. Enter he desired Address

To Set the Baud Rate

  1. Code 06 for C-LAN
  2. Code 91 for Sub-LAN baud rate.

To Direct Connect

  1. Once completed, disconnect the CBL 082 from the PC and replace it with CBL 072 for a direct connect to the controller.
  2. Start I/NET and open the configuration editor, create a new profile for a direct connect, if it has not been created already.
  3. Make this configuration active, close the configuration editor down as well as I/Net, and then restart it again.
  4. At this time communications should be established with the controller and the user can start programming the controller. 
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