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Programs, Time Schedules and IO's are not reflecting the correct state


When an Automation Server backup is restored, the programs or IO's linked to a time schedule does not show their correct states


Automation Server


Function Block

Time Schedule


More than one AS has been fitted onto the same backplane and this e.g. causes the Function Block program to malfunction. The result of this is that the FB program does not reflect the correct state of the time schedule binding, when a backup is restored.



The installation of multiple AS's onto the same backplane is not allowed.  Do not install more than one AS on a backplane.

If you do, they will both try to drive the IO bus and will collide in doing so. This causes the Task Scheduler to lock up in the AS.

Results will be unpredictable!

To overcome this issue, make sure only one AS is fitted on the same backplane, and "warm-start" the AS.

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