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ProjectTree not opening when clicked through TAC Xenta Server web


Potential for Data Loss: The steps detailed in the resolution of this article may result in a loss of critical data if not performed properly. Before beginning these steps, make sure all important data is backed up in the event of data loss. If you are unsure or unfamiliar with any complex steps detailed in this article, please contact Product Support Services for assistance.


When clicking the menu point "Utilities"->"ProjectTree" the project tree doesn't open as expected in the window.


TAC Xenta Server


There is a problem with the file "applets.html" in the Xenta Server.


You need FTP connection to the Xenta Server in order to carry out the following steps

1. Make sure that FTP access is enabled for the root user - this menu is available from Configuration->User administration->User administration














2. Make sure that the number of concurrent FTP users is higher than 0

Correcting the html file

1. Connect to the Xenta Server with a FTP client

2. Browse to the location "/www/japplets" in the Xenta Server

3. Copy the file "applets.html" to your desktop

4. Make a backup of the file on your PC

5. Edit the file "applets.html" on your PC, e.g. with Notepad++ or another editor

6. Scroll down to line 376 - it should say "function writeXBMenuAppletTag" - if not you need to locate this line

7. Change the text "cyrrDoc" to "currDoc"

8. Save the file

9. In the FTP client, copy the edited "applets.html" file from your desktop to "/www/japplets" in the Xenta Server

10. Restart your browser

Check if the project tree is opened now when the menu is clicked



The project tree will also open if you use "Tree2" as the menu type rather than "Menu" and Tree"

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