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Prolific and FTDI USB serial leads


Which version of USB serial leads work with Sigma and BAS





Newer laptops do not have an onboard RS232 serial port. Can a USB-Serial converter be used.


Not all types of USB to serial converters work with Sigma and BAS2800+. USB to serial converters work in conjuction with the laptop. Local testing may have to be done to find the best product.

Generally, USB to serial leads have 2 version of chipsets, Prolific and FTDI. Note, there are also fake versions of these chipsets, the original versions are available from RS and other well known distributors.

Sigma seems to work only with Prolific converters and can work on a low COM port no. e.g. 1, ensure that the comm port is not in use by any other applications e.g. Bluetooth. For Sigma, remember to change the setting in the sigma.ini file when using serial communications.

BAS seems to work only on FTDI converters and can work on high COM port no. e.g. 7.

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