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Putting I/O into Forced-By-Operator Override from live, directly connected Menta


When directly connected to a Xenta programmable controller through a serial cable, and observing live Menta, it is possible to override inputs and outputs.  This override is the same override attribute that can be set from the OP and from the Workstation.


  • Menta
  • Xenta programmable
  • Xenta 280, 281, 282, 283, 300, 301, 302, 401, 401:B


Overriding points while simultaneously witnessing live updates of all program values is an effective troubleshooting technique.


Directly connect live to a Xenta Programmable

  1. Download the correct Menta file to the hard drive of a laptop.
    1. Right click on the controller in Workstation and select Edit.
    2. File > Save As ... to the hard drive.
    3. The Menta file must exactly match what currently is downloaded into the controller or else it won't connect.
  2. Connect to the RS-232 port on the face of the Xenta programmable.
  3. Open the Menta file.
  4. Options > Simulate
  5. Click the Online button in the top left corner.
  6. Select "Connect" from the menu.

View I/O and override

  1. Options > I/O Configuration
  2. This brings up a list of all inputs and outputs in the controller.  The last column says "Not overridden" for any point not currently overridden.  If it is, it will show the override value.  Choose a point and click the Override button at the bottom.
  3. Check the box to override and enter the desired value.  Click OK.
  4. The point is now in override.

NOTE: This override attribute is the same override that is available through the OP and through Vista Workstation.  Points can be put into override and taken out of override from any of these 3 locations and it will dynamically update any other concurrent users.

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