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R2 ASD (IbsASD) driver setup basics


Provides additional setup information for the R2 ASD (IbsASD) driver.


R2 ASD (IbsASD) driver (all revisions)


The driver may not communicate correctly with the ASD devices if the driver has not been configured properly.


IbsASD driver basic settings ...

General / Engineering

retryCount = 3
responseTimeout (sec) = 2

Poll / Config

cycleTime (ms) = 333 times number of devices on the ASD bus, i.e., 3 devices per second.

Comm / Config

commPort = COM4, COM5, COM6 or COM7 depending on which port you are using
maxBaudRate = 19200 ( or 9600 if PEM1 controllers exist on the ASD bus)

DeviceStatus / Config

deviceStatusPingDelay (ms) = 60000

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