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Rdr1Connected through Rdr8Connected - Infinity System Variables


What does the Infinity System Variable named Rdr1Connected through Rdr8Connected detect


CX9702   - Rdr1Connected through Rdr2Connected
ACX5720 - Rdr1Connected through Rdr4Connected
ACX5740 - Rdr1Connected through Rdr8Connected


Information on Infinity System Variable named Rdr1Connected through Rdr8Connected


The  Infinity System Variables named Rdr1Connected, Rdr2Connected, Rdr3Connected, Rdr4Connected, Rdr5Connected, Rdr6Connected, Rdr7Connected and Rdr8Connected are only found on controllers CX9702 and ACX57xx. The value (true or false) can be used to indicate which card reader channels have card readers connected to them.

1. The Controller checks the connection of card readers by physically checking the voltage applied to the reader. This can make the LED appear to flickering with high frequency, although this is normally not visible.

2. LED1 is monitored, if the LED1 connected correctly then RdrXConnected value is true, otherwise it is false.

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