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Reading a controller error log


How to read a controller error log


  • CX 9680
  • ACX 57xx
  • BCX 9640
  • BCX 4040
  • i2 controllers
  • B3 controllers


Need to decipher a controller error log


Deciphering the controller error log can be accomplished by using a few of the fields of the error log. There is one field that is able to be deciphered very easily. The Error Code column of the error log is a code that can be matched to its text description. The other fields are used internally by PSS and engineering.

To find out what one of the entries in an Error Code column means, open up the Continuum online help file. The Continuum online help file can be found by in the Continuum Explorer by selecting the menu item Help/Contents. From there select the Index tab and type in the keyword Error. A selection will be available for Error messages, Cyberstation. On this page you will be able to take the last 4 digits of the Error Code from the controller error log and match it up to its description.


  • Error Code  0x00001401 translated into decimal form would be 5121

The error code will be listed by both the hex and decimal format.

Not all codes will be in the online Error description fields. Some of these codes are internal use only. If you find that you need a code deciphered, please open a case with Product Support.

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