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Reading the Serial Number from a Mifare card


How can Continuum be setup to read the 32 bit serial number from a Mifare smart card for use in access control?

Product Line

Andover Continuum


  • Using iClass serial number readers: R10, R15, R30, R40, RK40
  • Custom Wiegand, AccessFormat array
  • Custom Format


Mifare smart cards that have been provided and programmed by others may not have the keys available to allow a reader to access the data on the card. Without sending the cards away for re-programming how can the card still be used for access control.


The HID iClass readers (R10, R15, R30, R40, RK40) have the ability to read the 32 bit serial number from a Mifare Smart card. These readers will output a single 32 bit Wiegand string representing the card serial number.

To use this on Continuum:

  1. Create a numeric point called "AccessFormat" and define it as a manual array with 19 entries.
  2. Create a Plain English program in the controller to fill up the array with values as per the Mifare Serial Number spreadsheet.
  3. In the door configuration select "Custom Format" and ensure one of the 4 site codes is set to 0.
  4. Swipe the card at the reader and open a list view of Events, this will show the card number as the serial number from the card.
  5. Create a new Person with card type Custom Wiegand, Site code 0 and set the Card number to the serial number as read in the list view. This may be a 9 or 10 digit number.


  1. If using card numbers in Plain English Programs or displaying in Pinpoint Graphics, you will be restricted to using a maximum of 6 digit numbers (maximum card number being 999,999). See Loss of resolution on metering points when the number is 7 digits or longer for details on this restriction.
  2. The old style Personnel editor will not allow the entry of site codes of 0. Use Personnel Manager or set attributes in List Views of Personnel.
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