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Receiving Xenta Server trend log data without TAC Vista


  • Is there any way to get the Xenta Server trend log data without TAC Vista?
  • How to get the Xenta Server trend log values from the web interface
  • How to e-mail the Xenta Server trend log values


  • TAC Xenta Server
  • TAC Xenta 511, 527, 555
  • TAC Xenta 711, 731


The TAC Xenta Server is installed standalone and TAC Vista can't be used to view or save the trend logs.

However if you want to collect and store data from multiple trend logs on a regular basis we do strongly recommend using TAC Vista.


There are two ways to get the trend log data from a Xenta Server (except for TAC Vista):

1. Manually copy the trend log values from the Xenta Server web interface

  • In XBuilder, create a trend log page and drag the trend log to it
  • Log in to the web interface and go to the trend log page
  • Right click the trend log signal name and choose "view values"
  • Copy/paste the values to for example Excel.

2. Forwarding the trend log data as an e-mail

  • First make sure that the SMTP settings in XBuilder are correct. For troubleshooting on this, see Article #3664
  • Create a receiver group and define one or more e-mail addresses to receive the trend log data.
  • Highlight the trend log. 
  • Under Log Data Transfer Settings, click the Receiver Group box, and select the Receiver Group list.
  • In the Subject box, type a suitable subject. If desired, also type a suitable text in the Body box.
  • In the Log Events Included box, click Yes to attach log events to the e-mail message.
  • You must also specify when the log data is forwarded. For this, create a time object which you drag to the "send data" signal on the trend log.
  • When the trend log data is forwarded, the receiver group e-mail addresses will receive the trendlog data as an attached .log file.

For more information, see chapter 8.2.2. in the TAC Xenta Server – Web Server, Technical Manual

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