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Receiving a warning message about the application file during the process of replacing a programmable controller in Vista System Plug-In


During step 9 of Lessons Learned Article #7088 it is possible to receive a warning with the following information:


Warning: The device has no application file (MTA file) thus disabling the possibility of a download of application and parameters to the device. Please download via serial port any application file (MTA file) of your choice by using Menta before attempting to download to this device again.


Programmable Controllers

281, 282, 283, 301, 302, 401 & 401:B


Attempting to install a Xenta programmable device that does not have a Menta Application loaded into controller.

NOTE: A new controller out of the box should have a simple MTA Application already loaded.  However, if you receive the warning above your controller may not have any Menta file and loading any simple Menta file (i.e. one PVR block) will suffice.


You will need to direct connect to the new controller with a RS-232 cable to upload any simple Menta application (i.e. one PVR block) before the Vista System Plug-In will properly communicate and download the new controller.  The System Plug-In will not communicate with an applicationless device.

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