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Recorded video does not automatically start playing on video alarm in Continuum-Endura integration.


Continuum video integration using Pelco Endura.

When video alarm comes in, Video Monitor starts up as expected and video is recorded for the specified amount of time BUT the recorded video doesn't automatically play back as expected.



Pelco Endura


The NVRs configuration for recorded video type has been changed from its default of continuous recording which is what the Continuum-Endura integration supports.

You should ensure that your Pelco Endura system is set to continually record. While it is possible to change the recording type, continuous recording is the recommended setting from Pelco. As a result, when an alarm or event occurs, it is "marked" on the Endura system at the time of the event based on the recording time and duration. Such events are then visible from the Endura client as a marked event with details included in the comment for that mark.



If a specific recording type such as motion or schedule has been configured remove it to go back to the default continuous recording type.


As continuous video recording will utilize more storage capacity, one option for reducing the amount of storage used by all the video is to enable Pelco EnduraStor.

See LL#9447 for more information on EnduraStor

 See LL#12271 for information on how to configure EnduraStor


The other option is to leave the configuration as is and manually start playing back the recorded video by double clicking the video event.

In the screen shot above, double clicking the PSS_Test_AV1 video alarm will cause the recorded video to start playing back

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