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Redirection of alarms by Vista Server cannot filter alarm state.


If alarm filters are used to redirect certain alarms based on their text to another Event Object, then it will take every alarm notification with it - alarm, normal, ack, etc.


  • TAC Vista Server
  • Alarm Queue


TAC Vista Server allows you the ability to redirect alarms to different Event Objects based upon the criteria of the source of the alarm or the text contained in the alarm. This article is applicable when you want to filter based upon specific text in the alarm.


An example of this behavior is described in the Engineering TAC Vista Server manual: send all "Offline" alarms to a different Event Object.

The important thing to know about doing such a thing is that all return to normal messages associated with that alarm will also be sent to the same Event Object. In our "Offline" alarm example, all "Offline" alarms and "Online" messages will be redirected to the same object. There is no way to send the alarm state to one Event Object while sending the return to normal state to another Event Object.

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