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Redundancy options for the Security Expert Server.


Are there any redundancy options for Security Expert?


Security Expert


Need to provide redundancy for the Security Expert Server.


There are a couple of options for providing server redundancy that can be used with Security Expert.

1. The first option would be to use a downtime prevention product such as Stratus EverRun as a hot standby solution. 

2. The second option is having a secondary Security Expert server as a cold standby server, if the primary server fails/needs to be taken offline the Security Expert services on the cold standby server can be started to take over. This option is largely manual, there is no automatic switching between two servers with this configuration. There are also a number of considerations to take into account with this option:

  • In this scenario the controllers would be programmed with 2 x event server IP addresses for the primary and cold standby server as a result only 1 server/set of Security Expert services must be running at a time, having both running and therefore the controller having 2 x valid paths back to 2 x different servers concurrently will cause issues with the upload of events, online status and downloads
  • A suitable system/process would need to be put in place to ensure the databases are restored from the primary to the cold standby server
  • There will be 2 different Security Expert servers running which will require 2 separate Security Expert Server license with the same feature set enabled on both
  • Considerations will need to be made with regards to the name of the machine to ensure the Download and Event servers can run, either the machines must have the same name or the name of the server needs to be renamed when required to the name of the cold stand by server
  • An operator would need to verify the state of programmable functions and services. If the primary server failed during the middle of the download when the cold standby server is up and completes a full download some functions/services may require manual starting. 
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