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Rehosting a Vista 5 License on the FlexNet License Server


Instruction on how to use your Entitlement to rehost Vista 5 License onto a new host computer or dongle.



Limited documentation exists for how to properly rehost a Vista license on the Vista licensing website


NOTE:  Please remember that 5.0.X license files are not backwards compatible with versions of Vista 5.1.X.  If your current license files are 5.0.X you must install 5.0.3 or earlier to properly rehost your license.

  1. Log onto and enter your Entitlement or Activation ID. To obtain an unknown ID, follow instructions in Lessons Learned Article #4848.
  1. In the top corner of the Home Page Select LICENSE SUPPORT and List Licenses
  1. This Entitlements license(s) will be listed.
  2. Select the License you wish to rehost by checking the Tick box located just left of the License.
  3. In the Action Menu, Select Rehost.
  1. Select Add New Host.
  1. From the Server Host Dropdown, select  either ETHERNET (MAC address) or VENDOR DEFINED (Dongle) depending on your site.
  2. Enter the Mac address or Dongle ID to be used in the textbox
    *note that a Dongle ID must be entered as "TAC_HL_ID=##########"
  1. Select OK
  1. The New Server Hosts will now be populated with the correct Host ID. Click Next. 
  2. Select Verify to verify the Host ID is valid
  3. Select Rehost to generate the new License.
  1. From the main page, select the License you wish to retrieve by checking the Ticbox located just left of the License.
  2. Select View and Save To File or Email license to obtain the .lic file.


It may be a good idea to compare the old.lic file with the new .lic file in Notepad to ensure they contain the same features. It is possible that the site license was a combined license generated from multiple Entitlements. If this is the case, repeat the steps above for each Entitlement then follow instructions in Lessons Learned Article #6275.

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