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Remote Alarm Manager - RAM Engine will not start or shuts down during normal operation.


The Remote Alarm Manager shuts down during use, or cannot be restarted.



BAS 2800+



Remote Alarm Manager



The Log.mdb file becomes too large, and uses excessive memory, this can cause the RAM Engine to shut down.


The Log.mdb can record all system alarms, user actions and the actions that RAM is taking. This file will increase in size and has no restrictions on how big it can get. How fast it increases in size will depend on the logging requirements set in the configuration. This file needs to be managed, and this is achieved as follows:

1 - If the system is running without any problems, then this file should be deleted or renamed on a regular basis. To do this stop the RAM services and locate the Log.mdb record (For Sigma it is most likely located in Sigma\Data\Remote Alarm Manager), and delete / rename it. Restarting the RAM services will recreate a new file.

2 - Ensure that all logging is set to its most infrequent setting.

The above screen shot shows the "Debugging" screen for the "GSM Modem" interface. In this instance, logging has been set to "Nothing", but there are four other options.

1 - Errors - Only errors are logged.

2 - Normal - Only low level information is recorded,.

3 - Detailed - More in depth information is stored.

4 - Verbose - All information is logged.

If RAM is operating correctly, then choosing either Nothing or Errors, would be appropriate.

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