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Remote Alarm Manager on Windows 7


Require Windows 7 version of Remote Alarm Manager.


  • MicroNet View
  • Sigma
  • 4.05 SEB
  • Vista
  • BAS
  • 2800
  • 2800+
  • Remote Alarm Manager (RAM)
  • Windows 7


Microsoft's continued upgrade of its operating systems.

Remote Alarm Manager Version 1.1 will not work under Windows 7.

Remote Alarm Manager Version 1.2 will not work under Windows 7.


Product Support has received and uploaded a copy of Remote Alarm Manager 2.0 to an online storage area.

Note: -
While it is the final software, it is subject to change (probably via the Readme1st.txt)

Issuing software before it has been put through full production is not standard company policy, it is due to the importance we place on delivering the software quickly, that we have got it agreed.

Contact Product.Support

Please provide the following information regarding the installation: -

Once the site information is received and checked for compatibility I will email you the link to download the software.

  1. Site company name: 
  2. Site address: 
  3. Copy of RAM registration form 
  4. Current Version of RAM installed 
  5. Method of licensing (for example Sigma dongle): 
  6. BMS software and version of software on site: 
  7. Computer operating system you will be installing RAM on: 
  8. Installation method (Engine, interface host and consul locations):
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