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Removal of LON support from future SE7000 and SE8000 controllers.


Some controllers in the SE7000 range and all of the current SE8000 range cannot be supplied with a LON interface.




LON  network


Some controllers in the SE7000 range (e.g SE7600E) are not shown with a part number for a factory-fitted LON interface in the Schneider Electric documentation.  Although they can be supplied in a 'network ready' version and there is a part number for a separate LON interface listed, the two are not compatible.  There is no LON network interface for the SE8000 range.


Only the controllers currently available with a LON interface as per the Schneider Electric documentation are available to communicate with a LON system.

There are no plans to add a LON card option to the other SE7000 series controllers or any of the SE8000 range and they cannot be fitted separately.


The only communication options for these controllers is BACnet or Zigbee.

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