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Removing a data anomaly from trend data in the Web Report Server.


An initial calculation of KWH produced a artificially high value that was captured by a trend log and is now stored in Report Server.

This anomaly is artificially skewing the auto scale feature.


  • Web Report Server
  • Trend Log
  • Extended Trend Log
  • Extended Log


The trend data anomaly is artificially skewing the auto scale feature of the trend graph in Report Server.


  1. Open the associated extended trend log.
  2. Right click on the entry that is to be corrected and select edit record. 
  3. Change the value of the entry to some more acceptable value.
  4. Enter  a reason for the change in the comment field.
  5. Select save.

The new value will appear in place of the original entry with an icon to show that the value was altered.

Allow up to 24 hours for the data to be migrated into Web Reports Server.

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