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Renaming Personnel Profiles


How can I rename a Personnel Profile?


Cyberstation V2.0


There is no option to directly rename a Profile.


 When a profile is used to create a personnel object it does not retain any links to the created objects, the profile allows a new person to be created with all of the defined areas and settings, future changes to a profile will have no affect on the existing personnel objects.

To rename a profile you have to do a "Save as" enter the new name, then you can delete the old profile.

From the Screenshots below:

1) Press the "Configure" button in the Personnel Manager, this will open the "Configuration" window.

2) From the Dropdown box select the Profile you want to change

3) Press the "Save As" button and the "New Profile" box will appear, see second screenshot.

Enter the new name required for the profile and press OK.

4) Back on the Configuration screen, select the old profile from the dropdown box and press "Delete" to remove the old profile.

This will not change existing Personnel objects already created or the logged data.


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