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Repairs procedure for Australia / New Zealand.


What to do and who to contact when a controller needs to be repaired or upgraded.


All Product Repairs


Require information on what to do and who to contact to arrange repairs of defective product, order Controller option upgrades, order Cyberstation option or software version upgrades.



NOTE: Repaired items are set-up in Pronto with the part number prefixed by “4-“. This is done to allow visibility for follow-up if required and costing.
  1. Engineer completes “Andover Continuum Hardware Return Authorisation Form”; one for each controller requiring repair.
  2. Email completed form/s to TAC AP – Logistics Replenishment ( NOT the US Repair Centre). Do nothing with the controller/s at this stage.
  3. Logistics email the completed forms to US Repair Centre requesting cost to repair and turn-around time.
  4. Repair Centre replies with cost, turn-around time and RA number/s
  5. Logistics pass this information to the requesting engineer who will decide Y or N.
  6. If yes, the engineer enters a Sales Order in Pronto, informs Logistics and forwards the goods to Melbourne DC.
  7. Logistics raise a Purchase Order on Repair Centre and instruct Melbourne DC to despatch goods.
  8. After the goods are repaired they are returned to Melbourne DC where they are receipted and despatched to requestor.

Repair Forms

Fill out one of the forms below (whichever applies) and send to local Logistics.

Andover Continuum Return Authorization Forms - Americas & APAC


Andover Continuum Controller Upgrade Forms - Americas & APAC

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