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Repeater for large distances between card reader and controller


Repeater for large distances between card reader and controller


Site with iBMS using Access Control


Site has large distances between card reader and access controller

maximum permissible cable length for a HID reader to the ACX controller - the length depends on the gauge of cable used:
Wiring Distance Card Reader to ACX:
200 ft. (60.96 m) max using 22 AWG
500 ft. (152.4 m) max. using 18 AWG


The communication between access controllers and card readers is using RS-422. Access controllers supply power as well as data to the card readers. To increase beyond the recommended guidelines a repeater can be used which extends the data length. A separate power supply would have to be installed to power the card reader. 

Solutions for RS-422 data repeaters are:


Cypress Computer

Schneider Electric PSS in no way is endorsing nor including support of Cypress Computer & Westermo products in the following example:
An example of a site using Continuum: the project used the Cypress SPX-1300 and was able to run the cables up to 3000 meters as long as the reader was powered from within the lift car, he utilised the Continuum elevator add on module with the Net11 and AC-1 Module per car.

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