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Replacement of Satchwell AZ2401 Rotary Actuator due to obsolescence.


Satchwell AZ2401 Rotary Actuator requires replacement..


Satchwell AZ2401 Rotary Actuator installed on Satchwell MBF Series Rotary Shoe Valve Body.


Obsolescence of Satchwell AZ2401 Rotary Actuator


The Satchwell AZ2401 actuator would normally have been installed on a Satchwell MBF Valve Body.

The Actuator comprised a 6 wire electrical connection enabling it to be operated from a Satchwell Z Monotronic or CZT Climatronic Proportional Controller as follows :- 

Terminal 1 – Open signal

Terminal 2 – Close signal

Terminal 3 – Common 

Terminal A – 135 ohm Feedback Potentiometer – winding

Terminal B – 135 ohm Feedback Potentiometer – wiper

Terminal C – 135 ohm Feedback Potentiometer – winding

If all 6 wires are connected then the AZ2401 actuator may be replaced by following SE actuators :-

MD20B-24 + Linkage Kit 914-1070-000 from Schneider Electric and an accessory kit  P140A from Belimo

If only 3 wires are connected, that is to terminals 1, 2 and 3 then the P140 accesory kit is not required.

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