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Replacement of TAC TRV-S series Butterfly Valve Body by S-E VF208W series Butterfly Valve Body due to obsolescence.


TAC TRV-S series Butterfly Valve Body requires replacement.


TAC TRV-S series Butterfly Valve Body installations.


Obsolescence of TAC TRV-S series Butterfly Valve Body.


1.  Replace TAC TRV-S series Butterfly Valve Body with S-E VF208W series Butterfly Valve Body.

2.  Replace TAC MB15 / MB30 Actuator with S-E MF20 / MF40 series Actuator as appropriate.

It should be noted that where a TAC TRV-S series Butterfly Valve Body is to be replaced by a S-E VF208W series Butterfly Valve Body the TAC Actuator fitted to the TAC TRV-S Butterfly Valve Body will not be suitable for reuse on the S-E VF208W.Buttterfly Valve Body.

TAC TRV-S series Butterfly Valves utilise TAC MB15 / MB30 series Actuators.

TAC MB15 / MB30 Actuators are not suitable for use on S-E VF208W series Butterfly Valve Bodies.

S-E VF208W series Butterfly Valve Bodies utilise S-E MF20 / MF40 series Actuators.

S-E MF20 / MF40 series Actuators are suitable for use on TAC TRV-S series Butterfly Valve Bodies, but then no linkage kit should be mounted.

For the MF20 datasheet please click HERE, and for the MF40 datasheet please click HERE.


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