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Replacement of TAC VG211, VG222 and VG321 series Valve Bodies by S-E.VGS211F 15 and 100CS series Valve Bodies due to obsolescence.


Obsolescence of TAC VG211, VG222 and VG321 series Valve Bodies.


TAC VG211, VG222 and VG321 series Valve Body installations.


Obsolescence of TAC VG211, VG222 and VG321series Valve Bodies.


1.  Replace TAC VG211 series Valve Body with S-E.VGS211F 15 – 100CS series Valve Body. 

It should be noted that a number of anomalies appear in the current issue of the Data Sheet describing the VGS211F 15 - 100CS range of 2-port Valve Bodies.

The VGS211F 15-100CS Data Sheet includes two tables of information.

A discrepancy appears in respect of the Kv value stated for the 50mm size Valve Body.

The table of information on Page 1 of the Data Sheet displays a Kv value of 38 

The table of information on Page 2 of the Data Sheet displays a Kv value of 40

The correct Kv value is 40

The type designation stated in the Data Sheet for this Valve Body is also incorrect.

The type designation for this Valve Body should read VGS211F-50CS 40M SD00

Arrangements are currently in hand to correct these anomalies.


The table on Page 1 of the earlier VG211 Data Sheet displayed a Kv value of 38

This value was also incorrect.  The Kv value should have read 40

VG222 and VG321 valves manufactured in Italy will have casting modifications to accept the Forta U bolt adaptor without any mounting kits, providing a better cost position and a reduction in the height of the valve. There is no detrimental change in the specification and there remains full interchangeability between the old and new variants.

The VG222, VG222 and VG321 are no longer available, as it is replaced with the following:
VG222 Valves will have the family name VG221F
VG321 Valves will have the family name VG311F

Please find the Product Announcement PA-00085 with the information.


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