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Replacement of an MF-63123 actuator.


1 - Replacement of an MF-63123 actuator, does it require and MFC-8000 internal card?

2 -  What actuator can be used as a replacement for the TAC MF-63123?




TAC MF-63123



1 - Original actuator has failed.

2 - Customer wants a non US actuator.


1 - The MFC-8000 interface card accepts all commonly used proportional Vdc input signals, such as (0 to 10 Vdc and 6 to 9 Vdc). Therefore if the original actuator had this card fitted, then the new actuator should also have one.

To review the MF-631x3 Series data sheet, please click HERE.

To review the MFC-8000 data sheet, please click HERE.


2 - The TAC MF-63123 actuator can be replaced with the M800 with the appropriate linkage.

M800 - Basic actuator - 880-0310-030

M800-S2 - Basic actuator with auxiliary switch - 880-0311-030

Linkage - AV-821 - for use with Forta to Siebe/TAC VB 7000 series valves

Linkage - AV-822 - for use with Forta to Siebe/TAC VB 8000 / VB-9000 series valves

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