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Replacing a NetController with a BCX9640.


What is the procedure for using a BCX9640 to replace a CX controller.



Comm Port


Need to change the Infinet Controller type.


A BCX9640 is not the preferred replacement for a NetController for several reasons, among which are the following.. 

  1. Can only support one Infinet port (Comm 2).
  2. Does not support L-Bus
  3. Does not support IO Module control.

The process for replacing a NetController with a BCX9640 is as follows.

  • Print a list view off all Infinet Controllers under the NetController.  This list must include the following columns...
    • SerialNum
    • CntrlType
    • InfinetID
  • Create a new BCX9640 with a new ACCID and bring it online.
  • Switch Cyberstation to offline editing mode.
  • Change the serial numbers of all Infinet Controllers under the NetController false serial number (so that the serial number for each Infinet Controller will be available for each new Infinet Controllers created under the BCX9640).
  • With the workstation in Offline mode, manually create all the Infinet Controller object that existed under Comm 2 of the BCX9640.  Use the following information,
    • The same controller model that the Infinet Controller had under the NetController.
    • The same Infinet ID that the Infinet Controller had under the NetController.
  • Drag and drop copy all the points and programs from the original controller to the new controller.
  • Verify that all the points and programs were correctly copied and are intact.
  • Go into the new Infinet Controllers and change their serial numbers to the serial number it had under the NetController.
  • Next go back to online editing. At this point you should see all your infinet controllers come back on line.
  • Finally reload the complete site.

It is important to note that any controllers that are referencing points in the relocated controllers will have to have these object references verified and repaired in cases where the references have been lost.

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