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Replacing a PC in a Vista Server noded network environment


Multiple Vista Servers can be noded together in a network. See Lessons Learned Article #4055 for details. If a PC should crash, it may need to be replaced and should be done with as little interruption to the Vista network as possible.


Vista Servers noded together


  • PC crash
  • Hardware upgrade
  • Any replacement of the physical server


  1. If possible, obtain a backup of the Vista database from the PC that is to be replaced.
  2. Bring up the new PC, install all necessary Vista software
  3. Restore the backup of the Vista database that is to reside on this PC.
  4. Because the Vista server nodes communicate with other Vista servers over IP using server names, this will restore communication for all nodes.  There is no need to perform any other maintenance

  5. If no backup of the database is available because of a PC crash, etc, then ensure the Vista server name matches that of the previous computer's Vista server.  See Lessons Learned Article #4982 for that process.
  6. Recreate the Vista database, and the node should be communicating with the other nodes.
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