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Replacing a TCX867 with a i2867


Is it possible to directly replace a TCX867 with an i2867?


TCX867, i2867

Triac Output

negative, positive, load switching


The two products have different output circuitry and the i2867 will not always be a direct replacement.


Both the i2867 and the i2867 have triac outputs that only switch AC loads. 

The i2867 outputs internally have one side connected to ground, hence the terminals are labeled Outx (Out1, Out2 ..) and Gnd, this means that when switching electrical loads they must switch the return path from the load, not the power feed to the load.

The older TCX867 has isolated outputs and could switch either the Power or ground side of the switched load. It has 2 terminals on each output both labeled with the channel name i.e. Out1 on both terminal 1 & 2.

So you can replace a faulty TCX867 in the field with a i2867, but it may require changes to the plant wiring to ensure the -Ve side of the load is switched, failure to do this can result in damage to the i2867.

See i2867 installation guide for full details on installing an i2867

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