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Resetting a 7793 Controller and PCU (Applies to 7793, 7716, 7728, 7756)


Unable to add points or trends to a 7793 Controller, even after changing the address and redownloading the bin files to it.

Applies to 7793, 7716, 7728, 7756


Working on I/Net Seven system.


Unable to add points to controller.


  1. Using a HHC (Hand Held Console) plug it into the Com port on the board
  2. Select CTRL MEM 0 ENTR, 0 ENTR
  3. Hit the Red Reset button and clear the memory of the board.
  4. Go to Edit Host Computer, Network Configuration
  5. Penetrate the Link Summary, the device will show in the boot state
  6. Save it and then close out of this editor.
  7. Go to Edit Software Restore
  8. Select the device and download the bin file and sav file back to the controller again.
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