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Reusing old Menta macros in StruxureWare Building Operation Function Block Editor


It is not possible to load macros created in Menta Editor into the StruxureWare Building Operation Function Block Editor.

The error message given is: "The macro has wrong device type for this application"


StruxureWare Building Operation version 1.3

Menta - any version


The Menta macros were created for Xenta controllers.  The underlying code is incompatible with SmartStruxure AS devices or ES workstation.


The workaround is to convert the macros to Function Block Editor format before attempting to load them:

  1. In the Building Operation Workstation, create a new dummy Function Block program in the ES or AS.   Edit the new program.
  2. In the Function Block Editor select File | Import...
  3. Browse to the Menta macro you want to convert. (*.aut or *.mta)
  4. A pop-up message appears informing you that Trend Logs, Time Schedules and SNVTs will not be imported and asking if you want to continue.  Click "Yes".
  5. When the Menta file opens all the physical and network I/O blocks will have been converted to virtual I/O blocks (BI,BO,RI,RO), Time Schedules will have been converted to Time Schedule inputs (TSCHI) and Alarm block will have had their internal parameters removed.
  6. When you have made any required edits, select File | Export...
  7. Browse to a suitable location to save the file.  The ..\Function Block Editor\User Library would be appropriate.
  8. N.B.  If the original file had a *.mta extension, be sure to strip this from the file name before saving.  If you don't the file will be saved as a *.mta file (in spite of the fact that the only "Save as type:" option offered is *.aut).  The Function Block Editor can only load *.aut files as macros.
  9. The save file can now be loaded as a macro in the Function Block Editor.
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