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SBO is not supporting enumerated values.


Binding to Security Expert values through EWS results in "Type does not exist" error when attempting to save a binding.



Security Expert


The value being bound was coming through and mistakenly being created by SBO as an enumerated value which is not supported. The value is actually an integer.


A hotfix has been created to resolve this in SBO
There is also a workaround that works for previous versions of SBO.
If you update (configure) the value type of the EWS ValueItem property Value with the it will work to do bindings.
1. Open the propertydialog of the EWS ValueItem and click the configuration button of the Value property. 

2. Check the Type checkbox which already contains the value type
3. Press Ok and save the change in the dialogproperty.
4. Now it's ok to do bindings with this Value.
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