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SBO reports "Failed to connect to server" when carrying out a Sigma data import.


When a Sigma data import is carried out, the following messages are displayed on the SBO ES computer.

On the Sigma server computer, the Sigma server service has stopped.


Sigma 4.08, SBO


The Sigma database’s longtext file contains unsupported characters.


Option 1: If Sigma longtext is no longer required:

On the Sigma computer.

1)      Stop the Sigma server service.

2)      Delete the longtext.rec file from the Sigma Data folder (C:\Sigma\Data\longtext.rec).

3)      Start the Sigma server service.

On the SBO computer

Carry out the data import again.

Option 2: If Sigma longtext is required:

On the Sigma server computer.

1)      Start the Sigma server service.

Open a Sigma client, either on the Sigma server computer or the SBO ES computer or other.

1)      Log into Sigma’s operator panel

2)      Go to the System Alarm manager

3)      Under the menu “Configure” select Longtext

4)      Open each longtext entry and remove the unsupported characters

5)      Add the longtext message your require.
(You may find copies of the original longtext messages you can copy the text from, under “C:\Sigma\Data\Longtext” used by Sigma before the system was upgraded.

On the SBO computer

6)      Carry out the data import again.

The data import should now complete.

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