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SCU1284 shunt relay does not energize with door lock


The door reader, lock, and request to exit will all be working properly, but the shunt relay is not being energized.


  • I/NET Seven - v1.17
  • SCU1284


SCU1284 shunt relay does not energize with door lock


  1. Go into the Door Properties (Access > Doors). Modify the associated door. The properties will have the shunt option grayed out (with no check) and the Elevator option will be white (with no check).
  2. Check the elevator option, and select ok.
  3. This will take you back to the Access > Doors screen.
  4. Modify the door again, and uncheck the elevator option. This should allow the shunt option to become "white" and checkable.
  5. If not, then after de-selecting the elevator option, hit ok again, and then modify the door again to select the shunt option. This has been corrected in later versions of I/NET Seven 2.xx.
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