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SEC-TE (TE2) will not come online in my MPM controller.


When the TE2 has been added to a MPM controller and the required Zigbee setting entered the controller will not come online.


SmartStruxure Lite Multi-Purpose Manager



The TE2 has been setup and joined the Zigbee network shown by a solid blue light on the front.

The settings in the MPM have been entered correctly and the number from the label on the TE2 has been used as the ID


It has been seen that the Extended Node ID sticker on the back of the TE2 is missing or has incorrect digits.

Using the comm log on the MPM then pressing the service button on the TE2 for 6 seconds will broadcast the TE2 Extended node ID. That ID can then be copied to the Zigbee setup for correct communication.

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